Naoki SUZUKI, Special Licensed Labor and Social Security Attorney

December 1978 Born in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
March 2003 Graduated from the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Sophia University
April 2003 Worked at a financial institution and pharmaceutical company
May 2019 Opened BeLLTRee Consulting
May 2020 Appointed representation of Harumi Partners Social Insurance and Labor Consultancy Firm
Drawing on more than 15 years medical research (MR) experience at pharmaceutical companies, I undertake a range of labor and social insurance procedures on behalf of clients and provide consulting services on personnel and labor relations predominantly to medical institutions.
Main Areas of Practice
・Labor advice
・Resolution of labor-related trouble
・Formulation and review of internal rules
・Labor insurance and social insurance related procedures
・Support for building and operating personnel systems
・Support for formulation of operation of workplace rule books
Affiliated Organizations
Tokyo Labor and Social Security Attorney’s Association