Yasufumi SAKURAI, Attorney-at-Law

April 1979 Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
March 1998 Graduated from Eiko Gakuen Senior High School
March 2003 Graduated from School of Law, Waseda University
March 2007 Completed Masters Program, Graduate School of Law, Chuo University
September 2007 Passed bar examination
December 2008 Completed legal training (61st group of graduates)
December 2008 Admitted to the bar (Tokyo Bar Association)
December 2008 Joined Shuhei Takahashi Law Office
January 2015 Established Harumi Partners Law Firm
March 2018 Appointed outside director (audit and supervisory committee member), TriIs Inc.
Main Areas of Practice
Corporate restructuring, insolvency, corporate restructuring (M&A), corporate legal affairs (legal advice on commercial transactions in general, contract review, legal advice on corporate compliance, debt collection, etc.), labor cases, real estate cases, inheritance cases, general civil cases, criminal cases
Affiliated Organizations
  • Member, Bankruptcy Law Study Group, Legal Research Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association
  • Member, Lawyer Services Study Group, Legal Research Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association
  • Member, National Bankruptcy Proceedings Lawyers Network
  • Member, Center for Training of Lawyers, Tokyo Bar Association
  • Visiting Researcher, Comprehensive Sport Science Research Center, Nippon Sport Science University
  • Intermediary, Japan Football Association
  • Member, Japan Sports Law Association
Q&A: Everything Operators Need to Know About Guarantees (Seibunsha), joint author
I was involved in many corporate restructuring and insolvency cases concerning companies of various sizes in a variety of sectors while working at Shuhei Takahashi Law Office, which mainly handles corporate restructuring cases. I also have experience in a wide range of cases, including corporate restructuring (M&A), corporate legal affairs, commercial disputes, labor issues, real estate disputes, intellectual property, debt collection, inheritance, and divorce. In addition to focusing on corporate restructuring and insolvency cases, we are increasingly being asked for advice on labor issues, corporate compliance and internal controls, and real estate matters.
Each attorney at Harumi Partners Law Firm has a slightly different background. We aim to draw on our collective experience and collaborate with Harumi Partners Tax Accounting Firm to serve as a one-stop shop for our clients.