Dai GOTO, Attorney-at-Law

March 1994 Graduated from Fukushima Prefecture Asaka High School
March 1999 Graduated from School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Waseda University with a major in Chinese Language and Literature
March 2007 Completed Master’s Program, Graduate School of Law, Meiji University
September 2007 Passed bar examination
December 2008 Completed legal training (61st group of graduates)
December 2008 Admitted to the bar (Tokyo Bar Association)
January 2009 Joined Soumura Law Office
March 2010 Joined Dohno Law Office
March 2015 Co-founded Harumi Partners Law Firm
Main Areas of Practice
Corporate legal affairs (contracts, compliance, handling of investigations by authorities, security guidelines), special focus on start-up support (business models, terms of use, privacy policies, investment contracts), intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks), bankruptcy cases, labor cases, real estate cases, inheritance cases, other general civil cases, criminal cases
Civil Legal Aid Manual (Gendai Jinbun-Sha), co-author
Q&A Crime Victim Support Manual (Gyosei), co-author and editor
Pass First Time! A Complete Strategy, Textbook & Practice Questions for Chiefs of Money Lending Operations (Natsumesha), collaborator
Considering Revisions to the Law of Obligations (Dai-Ichi Hoki), co-author and editor collaborator
March 11 Earthquake Disaster and Legal Affairs Q&A (Sanwa Shoseki), co-author
Information for Practitioners: Traffic Accident Liability and Compensation (Sankyo Hoki Publishing), co-author
Practical Manual for Writing and Executing Wills (Shinnippon-Hoki Publishing), co-author
Q&A: Guidebook for Utilizing Financial ADR (Nihon Kajo Shuppan), co-author
Handbook for Selecting Insolvency Procedures for Smooth Liquidation and Rehabilitation, Revised Edition (Gyosei), co-author
Attorney’s Practical Guide to Dismissal Cases (Sankyo Hoki Publishing), co-author
The Book of Basic Knowledge for Starting and Managing a Business (Jiyu Kokumin Sha), co-author
Rental Housing: Legal Q&A (Jutaku Shimpo), co-author
Q&A: Legal Issues and Practical Measures Concerning the Internet (Gyosei), co-author
Seminars and Lectures
Guide to Legal Affairs for Tech Startups
Basics of Intellectual Property for Startups
Terms of Use for Avoiding Trouble
Intellectual Property Law for Startups: Knowledge and Service Design Case Study
Instructor, Practical Training Course (Civil Defense), Tokyo Bar Association
Instructor, Rescue Course, “Administrative Action Laws”, Fire and Disaster Management College
Instructor, Tokyo Kids Law School
Teaching Assistant Lecturer, Meiji University (April 2010 to March 2015)
Instructor, Meiji University National examination Guidance Center
Affiliated Organizations
Member, Tokyo Bar Association
Member, Center for Training of Lawyers, Tokyo Bar Association
Member of Legal Trainees Training Committee, Tokyo Bar Association (Training Secretary)
Member, Committee on Administration of Legal Training Center, Tokyo Bar Association
Member, The General Support Center for Young Members, Tokyo Bar Association
Assistant Mediator, Dispute Resolution Center, Tokyo Bar Association
Bankruptcy Law Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association
Intellectual Property Law Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association
Internet Law Research Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association
Lawyer Services Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association (executive secretary: April 2014, general manager: April 2015)
Antitrust Law Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association
Testamentary Trust Study Group Tokyo Bar Association
Financial Transactions Law Study Group, Tokyo Bar Association
International Transaction Law Study Group Tokyo Bar Association
National Bankruptcy Proceedings Lawyers Network
Intellectual Property Lawyers Network Japan
Information Network Law Association
Cooperating Lawyer, Legal Park