Daisuke SHOGOMORI, Attorney-at-Law

August 1981 Born in Kagoshima Prefecture
March 2000 Graduated from La Salle Senior High School
March 2004 Graduated from Law Department, Faculty of Law, Chuo University
March 2007 Graduated from Graduate School of Law, Chuo University
September 2007 Passed bar examination (61st group of graduates)
December 2008 Admitted to the bar, joined law firm specializing in domestic corporate law
January 2011 Joined Foresight Law Office
February 2014 Opened Shogomori Law Firm
January 2015 Established Harumi Partners Law Firm
Main Areas of Practice
Corporate legal affairs (including contracts, commercial transactions, debt collection, and other advisory services), labor law, corporate law, bankruptcy, internet trouble including defamation, general civil cases, criminal cases
My career has mainly focused on corporate legal matters and I have handled numerous cases involving real estate transactions, as well as general civil cases, and criminal cases. As society becomes more information-oriented we are increasingly being asked for advice on harm caused by rumors on the internet and privacy infringements.
About Harumi Partners Law Firm
Our firm was originally established by a group of attorneys working in different fields, who have been diligently studying and refining their expertise. We plan to add attorneys with diverse fields of specialization to our team, as the need arises, thereby creating an environment that enables us to provide even better legal services.
Personal Life
I moved away from my parents to live in a school dormitory when I started attending an all-boys integrated junior and senior high school. I practiced judo at school.
I still practice judo about once a month with other alumni from my judo club. I am also a member of a Brazilian jujutsu club and I continue to practice jujutsu when I have time. Judo and jujutsu remind me of my physical and mental weaknesses. They encourage me to be inventive to find the strength needed to topple my opponent. I believe that facing one’s weaknesses, being humble, and being ambitious also applies to the way in which I should approach my work.